Iron & Steel Making

Iron and steelmaking plants operate a complex set of interlinked processes. Blast Furnaces produce liquid iron popularly termed as Hot Metal. Hot Metal temperature ranges from 1300-1450 Deg C. Hot Metal is converted to Liquid Steel in steelmaking furnaces. Liquid steel temperature is in the range of 1600-1650 Deg C. Liquid Steel is then cast into billets, blooms, or slabs in Continuous Casters.

Due to the high temperature operations, all iron and steel making vessels are lined with refractory materials. Refractory materials essentially need drying, heating and cooling in their cycle of application in the iron and steel industry.

It is here we come in to serve you with our array of refractory driers, heaters, and coolers, including a Scrap Preheater, all tailormade to the respective plant conditions. Each of the equipment, has been designed and developed by Encon Thermal Engineers over many years and are now providing highly efficient services to the industry.

Our systems can be energised by any of these:  LDO, LPG, HFO, Coke Oven Gas or Oxy-Fuel


  • Horizontal Ladle Preheaters
  • Impeller Drier
  • Launder, Runner, Chute Drier and Preheater
  • Raycon Systems
  • Refractory Board Drier
  • Refractory Cooler
  • Scrap Preheater
  • Submerged Nozzle Heating
  • Torpedo Ladle Preheaters
  • Tundish Preheating System
  • Vertical Ladle Preheaters
  • Vessel Preheating System


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