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This system is used to heat fresh patch-up lining in Induction Furnace with the help of High-Velocity Burners.

This system has cut the “downtime” of the furnace by 30 minutes and retrofitted 650 units of heating load to a cheaper source of energy for a 7-ton Induction Furnace

The payback period for these systems is less than One Year

We are offering the following additional enhancement:-

1. Oxy Enrichment: Oxy enrichment is used either to achieve a higher heating temperature of more than 1200 C or to reduce fuel consumption or reduce the cycle time. The energy-saving can vary from 10 to 25% depending upon the level of enrichment.

2. Multi Fuel Fired: All the burners are custom designed and are for specific requirements and as such, we can use multiple types of fuel in the same burner (liquid/Gaseous) without changing the burner, we also supply burners that can fire multiple gaseous.

We can offer various types of hood movement for the systems:-

  • Up & down movement using a hydraulic or electrical actuator
  • Swivel movement, manually or using an electrical motor.

We offer various working options for the systems

  • Auto Ignition
  • Auto Temperature control
  • PID, PPID, Or PLC Based controllers.

We offer highly customized solutions according to your needs.

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