Iron & Steel Making

Launder/Runner/Chutes Dryer & Preheater

Launder/Runner Preheaters and dryers are used for heating and drying launder or runners before metal flows through them, in no ferrous industry they also help in maintaining the temperature of molten metal. Each preheater is unique and is customized according to the client’s needs.

The flame has to be a very short and intense flame so that the maximum heat is transferred without touching the metal or refractory, the flame length needs to be less than 500 mm in most cases.
We are offering the following additional enhancement:-

1. Oxy Enrichment: Oxy enrichment is used either to achieve a higher heating temperature of more than 1200 C or to reduce fuel consumption or reduce the cycle time. The energy-saving can vary from 10 to 25% depending upon the level of enrichment.

2. Multi Fuel Fired: All the burners are custom designed and are for a specific requirement and as such, we can use multiple types of fuel in the same burner (liquid/Gaseous) without changing the burner, we also supply burners that can fire multiple gaseous.

We can offer various types of hood movement for the systems:-

  • Up & down movement using a hydraulic or electrical actuator
  • Swivel movement, manually or using an electrical motor.

We offer various working options for the systems

  • Auto Ignition
  • Auto Temperature control
  • PID, PPID, Or PLC Based controllers.

We offer highly customized solutions according to your needs.

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