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Chief Executive Officer

V. B. Mahendra

Dear Friends and stimulators of the Economic growth of India,

There is a Vedic Mantra “Aaham Bhoomi Edam Arya” God had gifted this Universe (Shrishti) to Preeminent (Shresth) people. He gifted them with clean air, pure water, healthy flora & fauna, safe space, animal kingdom, a wealth of minerals, the list is endless.

Over a period, mankind in the name of progress – lost or deteriorated almost everything – maybe some to a larger extent, and the remaining to little lesser.

Over Vedic people had progressed – may be more than the modern-day Science, but we don’t have any traces, as all their developments and methods were conducive to co-existence. They had used organic methods, keeping recycling the natural ways. Many things that are mentioned in these great epics are proving themselves in the present context of healthy & complete co-existence.

When we see beautiful places, there creeps in a scare – for how long will it remain what it is? I have seen many beautiful places being destroyed in my lifetime in the name of progress. The way we ruined this beautiful gift is evident from one small fact that when the island Hawai was discovered – there were around 118 known species of Birds living there. Now with the so called development the number of species existing in Hawai is 28, out of which few are in endangered species. So is with our Indian Tiger, Blackbuck etc. Again the list is endless.

If we take a radius of 60 Km around Delhi, we find that our sub-ground water up to a depth of 60′ is not drinkable. Can we really do something about it as an individual?

In our endeavor to make this universe a better place for all of us – ENCON has been continuously developing or introducing new concepts of ‘Energy Conservation. Many of them have been copied (wrongly or rightly) by our fellow countrymen, still, we do not believe in patenting as we want you to adopt them in any whichever way.

Bad copies definitely do hurt us as they really bring in a bad name to the concept/technology and if somebody continues using it then we are headed for a bad universe for all of us.

We would like the Industry to participate with us in our endeavor to adopt eco-friendly technologies that our children can be proud of and can enjoy the same diversity as we are doing today.

May God Bless us all to become Blessings.

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