Combustion Equipment

Specialised Testing Ovens & Furnaces

Encon Thermal Engineers thrive on innovation and learning. Through the decades, we have gained experience in designing and manufacture of a variety of industrial furnaces, industrial ovens, industrial burners, industrial heaters, etc., all customised to the requirement of our clients.

Our clients have therefore relied on us for the manufacture of Specialised Testing Ovens and Furnaces to meet their exclusive Research & Development and Quality Control needs.

Apart from normal heat treatment, reheating, and Melting furnaces we also make specialized and customized testing furnaces for our clients, in the past, we have made test furnaces for:-

Client: C&S Eclectic Ltd
Application: To Test the fire penetration in there isolators

Client: Hero Cycles Ltd
Application: Use of Oxy-Fuel Burners for Brazing

Client: ABB MOTORS Ltd
Application: To Check the performance of Motors at 450°C

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