Self Recuperative Burners


Self Recuperative Burners include a recuperator that is incorporated within the burner, which uses the heat of the flue gases to preheater the combustion air, This results in a reduction of fuel consumption and emission of Greenhouse gases by up to 30% depending on the process temperature and parameters. 

We use a Silicon Carbide to make the heat exchanger increase the efficiency and life of the Heat Exchanger. The heat exchanger has a groove on its surface to increase the surface area to increase the efficiency of the heat exchanger. 
These burners fire in Pulse firing Mode (ON/OFF Control) 
They are ideal for heat treatment furnaces where we have a limited area available and where conventional Regenerative burners can not be used. 
Self Recuperative Burners 2
Self Recuperative Burners 1
Self Recuperative Burners
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