RAD Heat Gas Elements

RAD Heat Gas Elements is an innovative heating technology developed by Encon Thermal Engineers. Simply speaking, RAD Heat-Gas Elements uses electromagnetic Infrared waves to transfer heat. Heat is generated by burning gas inside tubes of 3-4 inch diameter and the tubes radiate the heat energy.

Infrared heat waves are invisible electromagnetic waves, located close to the visible red part of the electromagnetic spectrum. They can transmit a large amount of heat that is easily absorbed by other surfaces. Unlike other methods of heating, infrared wave causes an immediate sense of heat and minimizes the lag between turning the heater on and feeling its effects.

This technology can be used where you need efficient heating up to a temperature of 550 Deg C. This technology reduces operational costs and is fast replacing the thermic fluid, electrical, and hot air systems. Some of its applications are in surface preparation tanks, washing machines, paint baking, and tempering furnaces in the automotive industry.

Many of Encon’s industrial ovens come with this technology. Encon Thermal Engineers can also retrofit this technology at its client’s site.

  • RAD Heat Gas Elements
  • Surface Preparation Tanks
  • Washing Machines
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