Let’s start with, what are industrial ovens and the functions of Industrial Ovens?

Industrial ovens are heated chambers that are used for a variety of industrial applications. These applications include drying, curing, or baking components or final products. Industrial ovens can be used for large or small volume applications, in batches or continuously with a conveyor line, and a variety of temperature ranges, sizes, and configurations.

Functions of Industrial Ovens

There are a number of conditions where industrial ovens are used. The list is really long but here are a few:

1. Sterilization

Industrial ovens are often used to sterilize medical devices and instruments. The medical industry requires Industrial ovens due to their precision controls, because there is a need for equipment that supports precise temperature control for the removal of bacteria, microbes, and viruses and Industrial ovens fit the required conditions.

2. Burn-In Testing

For integrated circuits and electronic devices such as laser diodes, industrial ovens do static and dynamic burn-in testing. Industrial ovens provide harsh and hazardous conditions for the detection of any problems in a product, especially electrical circuits.

3. Heating Treating

Tempering, aging, stress relief, and annealing of metals at controlled temperatures are included in Heat treating includes. A metal’s brittleness is lessened by Tempering. Stress relief relieves structural, residual, and thermal stress. The effects of use are stimulated by Aging, while annealing increases the ductility of a metal.

4. Sintering

Industrial ovens compact and bond materials below their melting point, this is the process that is used in injection molding and metallurgy. This sintering process helps increase a material’s strength and density.

5. Pharmaceuticals

Industrial ovens are usually used to bake coatings on pills and as an oxidizer to remove excess chemicals and waste from the coatings.

There are many more uses associated with Industrial ovens.

Encon Thermal Engineers is a leading manufacturer of various industrial ovens. Our Industrial ovens are used in critical applications that call for extremely sensitive and precise control of the drying, curing, and baking process.

Our Industrial ovens can be energized by Gas Heating Elements (RAD Heat-Gas Elements), Hot Air Generators, and electricity.

Functions of Industrial Ovens
Functions of Industrial Ovens

Our Industrial ovens have been installed in leading industrial houses for: battery curing and drying, drying of transformer and power distribution equipment, drying surface coatings, core baking in foundries, herbal and food drying, etc.

We remain a sought-after manufacturer and supplier of reliable and energy-efficient industrial ovens that deliver consistent and high-quality output.

If you are looking for buying an Industrial oven, then you should surely go for Industrial Oven provided by Encon Thermal Engineers.

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