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What is Combustion Equipment?

Combustion Equipment is those appliances that are often used in burning fuels for heating. These include heaters, ovens, stoves, furnaces, fireplaces, dryers, burners, stokers, and many more. The Equipment can be used for solids, liquids, and gaseous fuels. They allow proper combustion of the fuels.

A burner is a device that enables a chemical reaction of fuel and oxidizer (usual oxygen from the air) to produce heat in a controlled way. Burners and the support equipment are together termed as Combustion Equipment.

Combustion equipment consists of machinery designed to burn a fuel source in combination with the oxygen in the air to produce heat and energy. The different types of combustion equipment include burners, blowers, heating and pumping units for fuels, recuperators for recovering waste heat, hot air generators, etc.

Combustion efficiency is generally defined as the ratio of heat released by the fuel to the heat input by the fuel. It is a major economic value that your combustion equipment gives you. It is dependent on the design of the components of the system as well as on the synergy between the designs of the components.

Encon Combustion Equipment
Encon Combustion Equipment

Now, why should you choose Encon Thermal Engineers when it comes to Combustion Equipment?

Following are some of the major reasons why you should choose Encon when it comes to Combustion:

1. The heating solutions provided by Encon Thermal Engineers come equipped with REGEN-Regenerative burners and recuperators, in order to achieve excellent energy efficiency by recovering the heat from the flue gases. We also help in the reduction of your energy cost.

2. As we all know, currently, emission performance of Combustion Equipment has become a topic of significant importance, and technologists and engineers strive hard to utilize the best standards and technology to minimize the production of exhaust gases by maximizing overall efficiency.

The designers at Encon Thermal Engineers keep these considerations close to their heart when they go about designing your Combustion Equipment, providing you with the best products.

3. We manufacture and offer a wide variety of equipment. The Equipment provided by Encon Thermal Engineers delivers heat energy at the right location in the production system and supplies adequate heat energy at the critical points, and at the same time comply with the requirement of uniform heating.

4. Designs offered by Encon Thermal Engineers are innovative and result in high energy efficiency, low operating cost, optimal performance, and long shelf life. We keep all the requirements in mind while manufacturing your product.

5. Encon Thermal Engineers make use of eco-friendly material and ensure 100% reliability.

Encon Thermal Engineers provide you with the best Combustion Equipment along with fast & ease turn. Hence, If you wish to get Combustion Equipment then Encon Thermal Engineers would be an excellent choice as we offer guaranteed quality at the best price. For more information, visit https://encon.co.in/combustion-equipment-2/ or contact us on +91 9650900279.

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