Let us first talk about, what are Industrial Ovens?

An industrial oven is a device that is used to create extremely high temperatures to heat treat parts, condition metals, and cure metal coatings. Some of the common functions of ovens include drying, curing, testing, and coating parts and products.

The type of treatment describes the property changes of a product when it is heated, such as dried, baked, or dehydrated.

Industrial ovens are used for large and small applications from applying coatings to small electronic components to baking finish coatings on parts for airplanes and trucks. In cleanrooms, they remove moisture to help remove and contain contaminants.

The list of uses of ovens is very long and extensive. They have now become an extremely essential part of every form of manufacturing for the improvement of product performance and reliability. A few of the more common uses of Industrial Ovens are mentioned below:

1. Pharmaceuticals

Ovens are used in Pharmaceuticals in order to bake coatings on pills and as an oxidizer to remove excess chemicals and waste from the coatings.

2. Heating Treating

As we all know that heat-treating includes aging, stress relief, tempering, and annealing of metals at controlled temperatures. Tempering lessens a metal’s brittleness and Stress relief relieves structural, residual, and thermal stress. Additionally, aging simulates the effects of use, while annealing increases the ductility of a metal.

3. Sterilization

Industrial ovens are also used in order to sterilize medical devices and instruments. The medical industry requires equipment with precise temperature control for the removal of bacteria, microbes, and viruses. The precision controls of industrial ovens ideally fit the required conditions and highly resulting.

4. Burn-In Testing

A lot of static and dynamic burn-in testing is done by Industrial Ovens for integrated circuits and electronic devices such as laser diodes. They often provide harsh and hazardous conditions for the detection of any problems in a product, especially electrical circuits.

5. Sintering

Industrial ovens have the ability to compact and bond materials below their melting point, a process that is used in injection molding and metallurgy. The sintering process helps increase a material’s strength and density.

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Industrial Oven

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    December 27, 2022

    Thank-You for providing information blog on Industrial oven that where it is used and why it is important. Awaiting for more blogs to update.

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    March 17, 2023

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