RAD Heat Gas Elements

M/s. ENCON THERMAL ENGINEERS (P) LTD. has introduced “RAD HEAT Gas Heating Elements” which are infrared heating systems, closest to heating with the sun.

These elements are effectively replacing all existing electrical, thermic fluid, and hot air systems (up to working temperatures of 550°C) as they involve the clean and safe qualities of electrical heating with the added advantage of tremendous savings in the cost of operation (savings to the tune of 25-70%.)

Tubes of 3″-4″ diameter are placed directly in the oven/tank where the heating is required, just like in immersion heaters.
Gas is burnt inside the tubes (no direct exposure to the area to be heated and therefore, no contamination) which get heated and, in turn, emit radiant heat in the form of electromagnetic waves to heat up material in the oven/tank.

The temperature control is thermostatic (just like in electric heaters) and existing circulation fans, etc. can be used. Only radiant tubes are installed additionally. No major changes need to be done in the system. The radiant tubes can be installed in various shapes such as U, W, S, etc. except that the first length should be 1 meter straight horizontally.

The total system generally requires only one day for installation and has a payback period of 6-8 months. The system requires absolutely no maintenance and is based on the fundamentals of FIT IT AND FORGET IT.

The Rad Heat GAS HEATING ELEMENTS are successfully being used in various applications (upto 550°C) such as

Paint baking ovensAuto Parts
Powder coating ovensTransformers
Drying ovensFood Products
Curing ovensPharmaceuticals
Lacquering ovensAbrasives
Tray Drying ovenAppliances
Conveyorised ovensElectric Motors
Water/Liquid heating tanksCutting blades / Tools
Space heating (sheds, patios) etc.Switchgears

No wonder this fantastic innovation has bagged 2 AWARDS already

How do the RAD HEAT Gas Heating Elements work?

When you switch on the power supply, first the vacuum fan switches on and starts doing a pre-purging of the total tubes. After a purge period (a safe start check) of approx. 10-12 seconds, if there is no leakage anywhere in the tubes, a vacuum is formed in the burner firing zone because of regular suction by the fan. This vacuum, when it reaches a level of – 6 mm, activates a vacuum proving switch (inside the burner body) which in turn gives a signal to the sequence controller that the system is safe for firing. The sequence controller then activates a spark through an ignition transformer and simultaneously a solenoid gas valve opens and a small flame is formed inside the tubes.

The flue gases of the burnt gas travel inside the tubes and are sucked out by the vacuum fan. Because of the flame and hot gases passing inside the tube, the tube gets hot and starts liberating “radiant” heat (as in electric heaters). This heats up the oven.

Once the desired temperature is achieved, the burner works on a thermostatic control and maintains oven temperature AUTOMATICALLY within + or – 2°C.

Other Safeties:

There are TWO solenoid gas valves provided, each with a safety of 1:1,00,000 which is the highest safety available. The chances of any failure in the system are, therefore, 1,00,000 x 1,00,000 which is very, very safe.

Should the flame not be formed within 5-7 seconds (for any reason), an ionisation rod is provided, which senses the `flame-failure’ and immediately switches off the gas solenoid valve and the gas supply is instantly cut-off.

If there is any leakage in the tubes at any given time, no vacuum will be created and the burner will not switch ON at all.

Another special feature is that no combustion blower is required as it has a unique inspirator design. The air required to burn the gas efficiently is sucked in naturally.

The burner has been designed with a Fit-It-And-Forget-It working principle. We have these systems running since May,99 and the same have not been even touched for any kind of service/maintenance.

Hope the above description explains to you the fool-proof safeties installed in the system. Should you have any more queries, please contact us immediately

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