Transformer Curing and Drying Oven

We manufacture world-class Ovens for Transformer Curing are Drying are the most fuel-efficient ovens available on the market.

Each oven is customized according to the client’s need and application, these ovens are modular in design and can be relocated from one place to the other without any issue.

The ovens can be ENERGISED by

  • Gas Heating Elements, This is the most efficient solution for gas and has a very fast payback. (RAD HEAT LINK)
  • HOT AIR GENERATORS energized by Oil or Gas
  • Electricity

We use ceramic fiber for the lining which ensures minimum heat loss from the Oven body to the atmosphere.

In the case of Gas heating elements, we can save up to 50% in the cost of production compared to Electricity and up to 20% cost compared to Hot air generators

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