ENCON Thermal Engineers

Combustion Equipment

Specialised Burners

The premixed range of burners come in various configurations (Ring, Square, Cross, Straight, etc) to ensure that the application is uniformly heated, these are used for die heating small furnaces, pot or crucible furnaces, etc . they come with auto ignition and flame control. The nozzles of these burners are made of Stainless Steel to ensure long life and trouble-free operation.

Pilot Burners, we make Pilot burners on various high and low calorific value fuel like COG, Mixed Gas, LPG, NG etc. These burners are also used is small furnace, ovens and die heating.

We also supply specialised custom designed burners according to the application, in the past we have supplied Multi fuel burners with the following configuration

1. Blast furnace Gas, Producer Gas, Furnace Oil with Oxygen enrichment
2. Blast Furnace Gas & Diesel
3. Natural Gas & Furnace oil with oxygen enrichment
4. Mixed Gas & Natural Gas
5. Coke oven gas with oxygen enrichment

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