Boggie Hearth Furnace

ENCON Thermal Engineers

Bogie-hearth furnace are often used for heat treatment such as tempering, annealing, soft annealing, normalizing, stress relieving. We can provide Refractory bricks or Ceramic Fibre insulation for the furnace walls & roof depending on the process parameters.

We can plan for the bogie movement by electro-mechanical rack and pinion or by rope and drum arrangement. The bogie is insulated using refractory bricks.

In certain applications we also water cooled circulation fans to ensure uniformity of temperature in the furnace, and motor-driven dampers for cooling are assembled on the chamber roof.

The heating in these furnaces can be planned either by electricity, radiant tubes, conventional burner system with recuperator or regenerative type of burners.

We can use almost all liquid, gaseous fuel & electricity to energise these furnaces.

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