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Tundish Preheating System

(Saves : 20-60%)
We Design, Develop & Manufacture Tundish Heating Systems for various applications. These systems can be energized by LDO/LPG/HFO/COKE OVEN GAS/OXY FUEL


Oil Consumption - 5-7 Litres / Ton of LML (Liquid Metal Level) Oil consumption - 3 to 4 litres / ton of LML (Liquid Metal Level)
Short flame length achieved through monobloc burner head and diffuser plate which finish within 1 month Short & high momentum flame length achieved through HIGH VELOCITY BURNER which also has longer life
Slower Heating Faster and Uniform Heating
Lining made of CASTABLE CERAMIC FIBRE is used for the lining of the system, the minimum life of the lining is One Year
Standard lining life - 3 months (No special holding arrangement) Standard lining life - 1 year minimum (Special holding arrangement with SS Studs)
Non Standard Steel used Only SAIL Steel used
Non Standard Motors used Only Standard Motors used
Non Standard Bearings used Only Standard Bearings used
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