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Application Of Oxy Fuel

Our mission is to promote Oxy Fuel System to businesses that are energy intensive because Oxy-Fuel Technology is able to achieve significant reduction in fossil fuel usage and production of green house gases. The patented oxy-fuel combustion technology creates more efficient heat transfer for industrial furnaces.

The improved efficiency is due to :

  • Elimination of airborne nitrogen.
  • Increase in radiant heat transfer.
  • Longer gas residence tim


In the aluminium recycling furnaces where the patented oxy fuel technology is being used the following results were achieved.

Decrease In Fuel Consumption

  • Natural gas fuel reduction up to 73%
  • Oil fuel usage reduction up to 68%

After oxy-fuel technology implementation 560 Kcal/Kg was the average energy requirement for aluminium, which improved to 416 -500 Kcal/Kg with continuous runs eliminating holding time This compares to the prior experience of about 2,009 Kcal/Kg for air fuel combustion.

Reduction In Green House Gases For Natural Gas:
  • NOx below 9e-9 Kg/Kcal.
  • 69% reduction in CO.
  • 69% reduction in SOx.
  • 31% reduction in VOC's.
For Oil: NOx, SOx and CO well below AP-42


  • Flame temperatures exceeded 2,480°C, and reached as high as 2,925°C. This did not affect the refractory of the furnace.
  • Molten Metal Process temperature is about 760°C.
  • Wall temperature is about 980°C.
  • Stack temperature is about 540°C.

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